Amazing Father Gets a Tattoo of His Son's Birthmark to Make Him Feel Less Self-Concious


The love between a mother and father is uncountable. When a parent wants to help their child, they will do almost anything to do it. As soon as Derek Prue saw that his son was worried about his large birthmark, which covers most of his chest, he did everything he could to help his son feel better. When he thought about how much he loved his son, he decided to get a tattoo that looked just like his son's birthmark.

Prue says that he did not hesitate when he took this big step in his life. It came to me that I should have the same mark on my body as my son. In my mind, I saw it as an opportunity to make him feel more at ease."

For the job, Prue went to the Juicy Quill Tattoo near where he lives in Alberta, Canada. The Juicy Quill Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing shop that does both. Over a few weeks, the dad spent more than 30 hours getting a tattoo of his son's birthmark on his chest. Because it was so sensitive and painful, he didn't know what to expect at first. He stuck with it because he knew it would be worth it, even though it took time and hurt a lot.

Prue's son, Derek Jr., was shocked when his father finally revealed the same mark as they played in the pool, where the boy had started wearing a shirt to cover his own. He was so happy when he found out what his dad had done. Derek Tract .'s solidarity gave Derek Jr. the courage to be different, and now he isn't as afraid to take his shirt off when he goes swimming.

Derek Sr. wouldn't change a thing. Tenderly, he says, "Now we have the same marks for life." This shows how close he is to his son.

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