This Woman Only Uses Makeup To Create Amazing Optical Illusions (+30 Pics)


Ladies love makeup. Those are used to improve our appearance regularly, but some people know its actual potential. Mimi Choi from Canada is one of them. Her remarkable work has won her more than 274,000 Instagram followers. She is a 31-year-old makeup artist who creates powerful, hyper-realistic optical illusions.

Mimi Choi was a teacher. she taught for 03 years as a teacher before starting her passion for beauty. She had the feeling that something was stifling her creativity. She enjoyed teaching but wasn't completely satisfied. She was in desperate need of a fresh challenge." She started playing with her cosmetics things at home after she graduated.

Mimi's remarkable paintings are created with a good sense of context, generating 03 dimensions on a smooth surface. Make her skin expand or sag by putting shadows on her body and manipulating her cosmetics like an artist.

Enjoy her amazing works...

All the images credit should go to Artist Mimi Choi...

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