Duncan Evans' Re-Imagination of Funny Birds Doing Chores With Their Newly-Found Arms

What would it be like for us if we had wings instead of arms? Or how about chicken legs? It's a hilarious thought. Have you ever considered it? What about other options that we could have pursued but didn't? Of course, having wings instead of arms would be disastrous, as we rely on our fingers for practically all of our daily tasks. Alternatively, humans may evolve into a species that no longer requires fingers to complete tasks. If we had wings, the preceding statement would read, "What would it be like if we had arms like monkeys instead of wings?" there is something to consider.

Let us now consider animals. Especially, when it comes to birds. What if birds were able to use their arms? We don't have anything to say about it. Duncan Evans, a British video content creator has already demonstrated his video editing abilities by giving random birds arms. He developed a 30-second movie in which he connects human arms to birds. It allows individuals to visualize themselves completing ordinary tasks.

Even though the video is only a few seconds long. It has taken the internet by storm. Birds with arms are quite amusing. Who would have guessed? Duncan Evans, of course, did. On his official channel, 'CurlyKidLife,' you can view much more of his work. This video must receive over 17 million views only on Facebook.

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watch the funny-looking birds in the video below. It’s a treat to watch.

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