This makeup artist can be anyone and anything!


Meet Nicky Hill-a 27-year-old makeup artist that creates fascinating optical illusions and transforms herself into anyone you want; yes, even any celebrity. Her creations are hyper-realistic, somewhat hallucinogenic, and a little bit gruesome. Nevertheless, she will make you turn your head twice with her designs.

Nicky's designs mainly include images of famous people and film characters. The inspirations behind them are the dreams and ideas she gets from her surroundings. The designs are both hypnotizing and dreamy, showing what she gets from all her imaginations and experiences.

When it comes to makeup and art, Nicky has no limit. With almost seven years of experience in the makeup world, this artist has accumulated enough skill to create anything literally, as the below images prove. According to Nicky, she had a talent for makeup and a creative streak from a young age

Since makeup art was not a thing at that time, she didn't know what to do except experiment on herself, combining her makeup and artistic skills. Seeing her incredible creations, her friends suggested that she make a career out of it, which led to her current fame as a brilliant makeup artist.

Nicky's canvas is her face, and makeup is the paint she uses to color the painting. To achieve the position she has today, she had to travel a long way. After posting her first-ever makeup art online, she received positive feedback, which encouraged her to create more and more phenomenal creations. Hard work paved, and she became a recognized artist with outstanding talent.

According to Nicky, makeup is therapeutic for her. She desires to create anything that tricks the mind and makes people look twice at the creation. Even though these looks are beautiful and eye-catching, it takes a lot of time to get to the end of the art. Nicky says that it took her 12 hours to create her Robin Williams transformation. Not just time, she spends a lot of thought concentrating on detailing and shading to achieve the best result.

Nicky now has 11.8k followers on her Instagram account, which explains how much people are inspired by her artworks. People love to see her creations and recreate those creations themselves, crediting Nicky. That has made her identify her true talent and capability. She is looking forward to making her hobby of posting makeup arts into a career and hopes to showcase more and more exciting artworks. Go through the below collection of Nicky's most iconic creations to admire this talented artist.





























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