30 breathtaking pictures of horses in Icelandic landscapes!

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, animals, mysterious forests, landscapes, and sceneries are not things many of us get to see in our day-to-day lives.

Even if we get to see these things, there are limits.

For example, when we see the beauty of a sunset from one place, we do not get to see how beautiful it would look from another entirely new place or time. But we get to see these rare and beautiful things without missing anything only in photographs. 

Photographers painstakingly spend hours and hours of their time capturing inspiring, well-timed, and excellent pictures so that all of us can enjoy them.

We found such a talented photographer from Iceland. She is Liga Liepina. After moving to Iceland from her birth country Latvia at the age of 14, she had the chance to pursue her hobby of doing equine photography. 

According to her, horses are her obsession that she nurtured, collecting newspapers, posters, calendars, and everything about horses. She started this obsession with her first-ever riding lesson, and since then, horses have become a big part of her life.

Being in a country with beautiful landscapes brought out her artistic skills.  Photography which she started with a small digital camera, made her realize her true talent behind the hobby. So, she purchased a professional camera, combined her love for horses with her skills, and became an equine photographer who produces impressive photography.

Her specialty is photographing horses roaming in the snowy Iceland landscapes. Changing the standards on equine photography, she managed to create something different, combining both horses and landscapes. Her portraits portray the unique nature of Icelandic horses, which are brave, wild, and yet friendly.  

She spends all her free time capturing great photos of horses in beautiful landscapes that amaze everyone.

The work she does is gorgeous but not easy at all!

She has to spend a lot of time planning on deciding locations, bringing horses to those locations, and ensuring the creatures' safety.

But according to Liga, it is all worth it because she gets to enjoy nature and the company of her equine models. As the saying goes, all hard work pays. And her photos prove that saying to the dot. Go through the following photographs and enjoy Liga's fantastic photography.































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