The new trend of Teacup gardens with 23 cute examples!


Humans are creative and curious species. So, they invented hobbies to spend their leisure time. These days, there are many hobbies you could engage in during your leisure time. This article will introduce you to a new hobby started with art lovers and gardeners that went viral among many people.

Your homes are your place to go, the safe heavens you all can take a rest from your busy lives. The home and how it is inside represents your true nature. 

So, you decorate your homes with your favorite colors and furniture, adding little details here and there. Like adding a painting, you made yourself or putting flower vases in corners. Most people want their homes to be cozy and cute, and full of decorations. 

So, it is more fun to have something handmade inside the home to feel the exact homely nature. And when that something is a Teacup Garden that you can make by yourself, it adds to the fun.

Teacup gardens are the cutest things.

You can design them whatever way you want, and they are excellent pieces for home décor. Of course, you can plant small plants inside these tiny gardens, and you can put them in a small space without much fuss. 

You do not have to worry much about growing plants. As the name suggests, teacup gardens require small plants that anyone can manage to work without any skill. The process is almost like building a small garden for fairies. These gardens will bring a little bit of outside into your home along with a fresh look. 

The great inventor behind this excellent, almost dreamlike idea is Muhaiminah Faiz, sometimes called The Craftaholic Witch. She is a gardener who spent her free time growing plants in her garden. But soon, she got bored with always putting the plants into the same type of pots. So, she went into thinking mode and came up with the idea of making these fairy gardens with mysterious, unique, and beautiful designs.

With small structures like ponds, garden chairs, tables, pots, and other ornaments, these gardens look like they will fit for little fairies to hold their tea parties. The plants Muhaiminah chose, like cactus, succulent and some wall plants, also match well with the decorations. These plants require very little water and care, so even someone without enough time or knowledge on taking care of plants can have a teacup garden at their home. 

Enjoy the below teacup gardens Muhaiminah made. Also, you can follow her tutorial step-by-step instructions on making your teacup garden so that you can place them in your lovely homes and add charm to your homes.
























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