Have we found the best street photographer? Aren’t these perfectly timed-out photos of our day-to-day lives?


In our busy lives, we spend every moment in a hurry. There's no time for us to take a leisurely walk in the morning crowded streets leisurely nor enjoy a few seconds. But amidst all chaos, one person has created something marvelous out of these busy forgotten moments. 

Paul Buscato is a Spanish photographer currently residing in Norway. He enjoys watching the world through a crystal. His creative and playful thoughts have produced a set of photographs that amaze us. For him, daily life is not repetitive or boring. Instead, it is a fascination that gives birth to creative thought and creations. 

According to Paul, the city is the playground where he plays his games. Unlike most people who lose their sense of play when they are older, Paul has retained the parts that make him a kid. He uses his ability to fantasize the ordinary through a child's mind to create unique yet straightforward creations that hide more profound meanings.

Apart from imagination, one should have precision, self-control, and patience to capture the excellence of an instant. Paul has more than enough of those qualities, and his photography proves it. Following are the pictures he captured during his movements in urban cities like New York and London. The images are hilarious, sarcastic, and sometimes right on point. So, enjoy them to see ordinary life in a new shade. 





















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