30 people who had a bad day so that yours could become a little better

Our lives are full of ups and downs, but reading about other people's successes makes us feel like we've failed, and reading about other people's mistakes makes us feel like we've succeeded. Have a great day! Today, we will show you 30 funny examples of people who had a terrible day. There's even a Bible verse in there because all of these people went through pain so that you would laugh, and it would help if you were also having a bad day.

When it's clear that the day isn't going well

It's cloudy, and it might rain soon.

If your friends are jerks,

The dangerous look of peanuts that can break your teeth and nails

It's no longer pretty.

Things should be reversed.

"Your wife is a cheater." As if he already had one problem

Into the arts

The second floor almost fell.

From now on, only through the window

Some termites breathe differently on the work of George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones.

What else could be in a cake that looks like an apple? Of course... another apple

The boat dropped in the water.

"My big bathroom mirror stopped hanging on the wall today."

If you dropped a roll of foil, it would all come apart.

Why, God!

More people on board

Then how do you wear them?

A sprinkler was brought into the house by the dog.

Does someone have the same fancy car without wheels? Now for sure

It's getting better outside.

This fly is not lucky.

One of these bikes is about to go off the road.

The first meeting could have gone better.

"I'll never forget the day my ex took all her stuff, including her shower head."

Wow, you're famous!

Not African

With a bit of sunscreen, you'll be a joke.

"It seems my neighbour will be back soon."

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