18 hilarious photos make you wonder, "Are you sure this isn't just in my head?"

Most people carry a smartphone with them at all times. This means that anyone can see something strange and record it right away. By changing the point of view, he can make something weird happen himself. The pictures we've put together will help you understand what happened. Please look at them more than once. Is there something strange about these pictures, or did the author mess around with perspective and make it look too good?

Crane in sneakers

Fire breathing bear

Skater or goat rider?

Tiny glasses on a cup of coffee

This photo looks like two photographs put together.


Siamese cyclists

Two-legged dog

Huge turtle

Double dog

Get your head out of...

Many-legged chicken

2D building in Prague

A crocodile in a can of drink

A huge hand is convenient.

The colour of the sky and the building matched.

Floating trash can



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