27 Of The Most Ridiculous  Items That Are Available for Sale

Have you ever looked through your best online stores and found something that seemed too crazy, to be honest? The funny thing is that even the craziest things you can buy are genuine.

So, whether you're looking for a funny gift, a unique and memorable work accessory, or something so strange that you have to have it for yourself, there are many options. After all, you can still give gifts that are just for fun.

And since online stores have so many sales and deals, you might get one of the strange things on this list for a reasonable price.

1. A place for guys to give birth

2. Hands like chipmunks

3. Chopsticks with lightsabers

4. Mermaid police

5. Spoons for cats

6. A stuffed placenta

7. Small blender

8. Painting from the past

9. Shoeshelf

10. Chair for tennis

11. Trump's toy

12. Flames of magic

13. huge Glasses

14. A brush for cats

15. Corgi with a gnome on it

16. Harry Potter with glasses on his teeth

17. A massive bag of cheese

18. Soap made from bacon

19. An empty bag

20. A stuffed Putin-shrimp

21. A headphone stand made by Elon Musk

22. Pot with a baby's head on it

23. A toilet with lights

24. A huge candle

25. Some extra weight

26. Wolverine ripping claws to pieces

27. Pool floats of sloths

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