17 pictures that show how powerful genes are

We all have about 22,000 genes, and sometimes we share enough genes with our family to be almost an exact copy of them. Even though the pictures were taken 50 years apart, their faces look the same. This is because of the magic of genes. Some people look just like their cousins, which is made clear by photos that just blow our minds.

We'd like to show you how cool our genes can be by showing you some amazing pictures we've found.

1. A mother and her two girls

2. Two sets of twin boys married sets of twin sisters and had twins.

3. My family has had twins for three generations.

4. The eyes of a mother

5. My friend's baby was born with the same scar in her hair as her mother.

6. My sister and I are 18 months apart, but we've made people think we're twins.

7. My daughter and I in 1970 and now

8. My mother and I both twitch when we're nervous.

9.These are my boys. They have the same mother and father. Dad is Irish, mom is Italian.

10. My boyfriend's family seems to have good genes.

11. A mom and a kid

12. I grew myself a mini-me.

13. My wife and our son

14. Before I found this old picture of my mom, I had no idea how strong her genes are.

15. My dad was 26 when I was 36.

16. For Halloween, the father and son switched places.

17. Separated by 30 years and a generation. Above is my dad with my older brother, and below is my younger brother with his first child.

Source & Images Credit - shenhuifu.org

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