A 57-Year-Old Man Whose Appearance Is That of a 20-Year-Old Explains Why He Does Not Want to Be Called "Forever Young."

The world was introduced to Singaporean photographer Chuando Tan through his mesmerizing self-photographs and intriguing portraits of others. Chuando, who was born in 1966 and is currently 57 years old, appears much younger than he is.

Since he began his career, Chuando Tan has maintained a healthy weight.


Cuando Tan, a Singaporean model in the 1980s and even a pop singer in the 1990s, switched from modelling to photography once his interest in singing faded. Unexpectedly, he changed his course from the task he typically did.

The photographer recalled in an interview, "I started an Instagram account after friends mentioned that clients nowadays take a photographer's social media following into consideration. I decided to post a few self-portraits and captions to brighten up my feed.

Users noticed Tan's 57-year-old appearance right away since it seemed unchangeable. There was speculation; some attributed it to genetics, while others praised Singapore's pristine environment, first-rate services, and premium goods. Let's examine the photographer's daily schedule to confirm these hypotheses.

He has a leisurely breakfast.


According to Tan, diet accounts for 70% of the equation in determining one's general well-being and physical appearance, with exercise making up the remaining 30%. This idea informs his decisions, like eating six hard-boiled eggs for breakfast but skipping the two yolks because of cholesterol worries. He drinks milk with his morning meal and occasionally adds avocado and berries, which gives him a significant protein and energy boost to start the day.

Tan eats fish soup, grilled vegetables, and chicken with rice for every meal. Despite his weakness, he only eats ice cream during the early half of the day. Tan makes a point of avoiding coffee and tea in favour of drinking lots of water.
He spends roughly 90 minutes working out.


Tan works strength training into his schedule, aiming for four weekly sessions but reducing that to at least three during high activity. He works on this for around 30 minutes. He does cardio after strength training, walking briskly on a treadmill rather than jogging because of a knee problem. He also prioritizes swimming, planning to swim for roughly an hour daily in a pool open in the evening.


He does not apply skincare products.


Tan clarifies his approach by saying, "I have sensitive skin, which is why there are only 2 things I use daily: gel face wash and moisturizing cream," in response to rumours that he has plastic surgery or uses speciality cosmetics.

Tan had previously received a free Botox operation, but he wasn't happy with the results and opted not to go to a cosmetologist again. However, he acknowledges using hair colour to cover up his grey hair.

He skips the late-night bath.


Tan prioritizes regular sleep by going to bed before 11 PM and rising early every day. He is adamant that staying up late working or watching movies after midnight harms one's health. He skips eating 5 to 6 hours before bed to get a good night's sleep.

"Trust me, getting to bed early is worthwhile," says Chuando. You'll be able to accomplish more during the day than you would if you worked at night after getting enough rest.

He believes it is unfair to refer to him as being "forever young."


In a recent interview for a series on longevity, he candidly admitted that the constant compliments on his timeless beauty "finally gets to me. The pressure is natural for me. I know deep down that I'm not that young. I'm becoming older. So I won't mislead people into thinking I'm young forever. Maybe they're all looking for a shortcut or a method to maintain their youth.


Tan muses over the process of ageing. I would be lying if I said it never occurred to me that I want to learn how to not age, he said bluntly. However, since ageing is unavoidable, you cannot escape it.

Cuando Tan received tremendous attention when he experienced an overwhelming wave of viral fame. He has even discussed the drawbacks of online stardom.

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