Mom makes up "jobs" around the house and makes her kids fill out applications to get allowance money

Shaketha Marion McGregor is a mother of three from Georgia. She wanted to teach her children an important lesson about making money, so she told them they couldn't just come up to her and ask for their allowance anymore.

So, she set up a hiring event where her children had to apply for "jobs" around the house. They will have to work for their pay, just like adults do.

See what the mother wrote on Facebook:

Shaketha has the heart of a great businesswoman since the number of people who liked her Facebook post went through the roof quickly. More than 213k people liked the post, more than 35k commented, and more than 130k shared it.

The children had jobs in the kitchen, in the laundry room, and in the house.

Shaketha's oldest boy, Jahkeem, is 13, her daughter Takeia is 10, and her daughter Serenity is 6. For a big family, buying the things they need every day can get pricey, so the mom had this great idea.

She even sent a rejection letter to her son after he applied for a job already taken.

The mom's plan was terrific based on how many people liked and shared her post and how many people responded positively to it.

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