40+ Panoramic Mistakes That Are So Hilarious Because They're So Horrible

I still vividly recall how happy I was when panorama technology was finally added to mobile devices, allowing users to create photographs that were fit for a king or queen. But as the old saying goes, ten photos could be better for everyone, that is, and this time we're here to look at the latter ones.

The process of taking panoramic photographs is, in all honesty, simple. The camera will capture a series of photos in rapid succession. The software will then track the edges, tone changes, and other variables to create a single image from those photos.

Please choose a subject that won't move, make sure your hands are as steady as possible, and then take the picture. This is the easiest way to get a panorama that looks excellent. Yet when some component of this procedure doesn't work well, you end up with a humorous collection of images like the ones seen below.

Source & Images Credit - demilked.com

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