28 Hilarious Photoshop Images of Dad in Movie Scenes Created by His Son

Want to show your parents how much you uniquely love them? Matt Bonito's funny Photoshop pictures of his dad, Dom Bonito, are all you need to see. You'll laugh at these strange and clever pictures and wonder where Dom will appear next. Matt can make up anything, from famous movie scenes to critical historical events.

About 6 or 7 years ago, it all started when Matt started taking photos of his dad doing funny things around the house and posting them on Facebook. Since Dom used to teach at the high school in their town, he was already a bit of a celebrity there, and the posts quickly became popular among their friends. Then, to take things to the next level, Matt photoshopped his dad into famous scenes from movies, TV shows, and history.

Matt has to develop new ideas for each post, take pictures in the proper lighting and weather, and then edit them on his phone because he needs professional equipment. Even though it's hard, Matt likes to do it because it lets him spend time with his dad and have fun.

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Matt and his dad get along incredibly, and they love to have dinner together at least once a week. During those dinners, they often talk about "Dadvent." Their favorite photoshop picture is the one of Kim Kardashian, but they have a lot of other funny ones to choose from. These creations were first made for friends and family, but now they have fans all over social media.

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