15 Pictures of Olympians Who Absolutely Terrify Me

The Olympic Games show the boundaries of human potential. Every four years, Olympic competitors test their physical limits in the most demanding events, captivating audiences worldwide with their superhuman efforts and great skill in every sport they compete in. We've compiled a tiny sampling of the talent and astonishment generated by these athletes' physical qualities for you today. Look into it.

1. This photo of German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand rider Greg Henderson demonstrates the size of cyclists' quads

2. This photo of USA swimmer Anthony Ervin, who has shaved every portion of his body (except his head?

3. These Dutch gymnasts link their feet vertically

4. Nathan Adrian, a swimmer, has his triceps cupped

5. Yohann Diniz of France physically pooping his trousers while speedwalking

6. Aly Raisman, a gymnast, has her knees cupped

7. George Hincapie's legs after the Tour de France

8. Usain Bolt's back is practically covered in turf from jogging on the track

9. Air bubble ring art by Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren

10. X-ray showing a gymnast performing a routine

11. The very veiny legs of British sprinter Harry Aikines

12. All of the Olympic divers' expressions

13. Consider Michael Phelps' incredible arm flexibility

14. Maarten Van Der Weijden, a Dutch Olympic swimmer who swam 163 kilometers (101 miles) in 55 hours to raise funds for charity.

15. Another illustration of the size disparity between basketball players and gymnasts

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