The artist used artificial intelligence to see how good it would be at guessing what these celebrities looked like when they were teenagers.

A.I. is significant in a world that is changing and growing quickly. We can do many things we want because of A.I. It has a lot of power. It can mimic human intelligence by using machines, especially computer systems. Its possibilities go far beyond what we thought they would be.

Hidrėlėy had tried out all of these A.I. possibilities. Teenage is not something that only some people go through; it's a part of life that everyone goes through. So, he had tried to see if Artificial Intelligence could make some celebrities look like they did when they were young. And the results are pretty impressive, and since there were pictures of celebrities when they were young, it would have been easy for him to compare them.

Since a machine made these results, they need to be better. After seeing the results, he added some Photoshop to them. But in any case, this lets you see how well A.I. has imagined these celebrities' appearance. Please scroll down to see how 28 famous people looked when they were young, and let us know what you think.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram

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