20+ failures in the "matrix" that prove the existence of another universe

Failures in the "matrix" are times when things happen that aren't very clear. For example, a face-to-face meeting between three people dressed the same or a natural event that is hard to explain. This post has videos that will make you wonder if there are other universes.

1. rainbows set off fireworks

2. glitch

3. A strange illusion in a local supermarket

4. The painting entered the room.

5. This rope strangely hung in the air.

6. A small puddle looks like a portal.

7.I thought I was seeing double

8. Is that you, Mickey?

9. The building looks fake and see-through.

10. It looks like a painting on the table.

11. caterpillar with penguins

12.The sign is out in the open.

13. The Bench stuck in textures

14. cat glitch

15. They look like copies.

16. They all got on the same subway car.

17. The sun made a picture of exactly half of the apple.

18. Inside the volcano was Smiley.

19. This iceberg is perfect.

20. There are too many red cars in one spot.

21. magic eyes

22. Boys born in families of twins

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