30 Unbelievable Clothing Disasters We Can't Believe Actually Happened

We all have to deal with embarrassing things at some point. For example, you fell on the floor in front of everyone and pretended it didn't hurt. Sometimes you might have waved at a stranger thinking it was your friend, or you might have worn a floaty skirt on a windy day when you meant to wear a tighter one. You could have shown your underwear to hundreds of strangers with one gust of wind. So, these kinds of things are very embarrassing for us. But some things make you feel much worse, like wearing the wrong clothes.

"fabdreem" has found a list of clothes that are so bad that they make you cringe. These outfits have sexual hints that weren't meant to be there, and the shoes are too expensive and have horrifying designs. So, it's clear that people who wear these clothes don't look at themselves in the mirror.

Scroll down to see the horrifying fashions, and remember to leave a comment about your favorite.

1. This Jumper's Bad Placement

2. I Had To Look Twice

3. Children love pandas.

4. For a fun run, T-shirts

5. Even so, these outfits

6. Jennifer Lopez Wearing Versace Denim Boots

7. I'm going to call the police.

8. Vladimir Putin T-Shirt

9. Want to look like you stepped in dog poop with your shoes?

10. Every bride wants a brown ribbon to come out of her behind.

11. I can finally be a cowboy at the beach.

12. These Pants

13. Hakuna Matata

14. The Heel Of These Heels Are Heels

15. His shirt was supposed to say "Dope," but now all I see is "Pedo."

16. Is it a good idea?

17. A man made this skirt.

18. Finally, a skirt for women who want the word "Dry" written on their genitalia.

19. Someone took my art and decided, for some reason, that it would look good on a short skirt.

20. These Tees

21. "Saturday" is written on my wife's T-shirt.

22. Here's a sample of the text:

23. This completely defeats the point.

24. Gym Hair, Don't Care. Infinity

25. Hmmm

26. I'll have what Thomas Jefferson is having: one of the funniest hats in the Mount Rushmore souvenir shop.

27. This swimsuit for children looks like a suicide vest.

28. When you have to be in two places at the same time

29. Clam out and have a good time

30. This Sweater

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