The Most Awkwardly Funny Christmas Photos of Families

This is a collection of funny Christmas pictures of families. We all learned this from the movie Little Miss Sunshine, which is the only one to do so. So the fact that we can all get together to take a picture is already a miracle, but some miracles stood out more than most.

Some people went above and beyond by wearing costumes, bringing their pets, or bringing accessories. So gather around the fire with your significant other and your laptops (which may be the same thing) and look at the best family photos.

Scroll down to see the funny pictures

1. Dash Away All!

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Modern Family

4. Christmas Ninja Roundhouse Kick

5. Don't Forget The Farm

6. A Christmas Story Come True

7. Away In A Manger

8. The Future Is Now

9. Longing For Spring

10. Next On 'The Soap Opera Family'

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