"Lost in History": 30 interesting pictures showing us about our wonderful Past.

This blog post has 30 pictures showing how people lived in the past. The Instagram account "Lost in History" shows powerful photos from the 20th century that most people have never seen or have forgotten. Even though we'll never be there, these pictures help us picture what life was like before we were born. Sit back and take a look at these amazing pictures from the past.

Keep scrolling and get some ideas.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram

1. Nurses showed a shocked father a set of newborn triplets in a New York City hospital in 1946. Keystone-France took the photo.

2. Willy Rizzo took a picture of Keanu Reeves in Paris in 2003.

3. Frida Kahlo's Painting In Bed, the 1950s

4. The well-known picture of Lady Diana sleeping during an official royal event in 1981. She was pregnant with Prince William then, but the news hadn't been made public yet.

5. She's In Somebody's Locket, the 1940s

6. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were calling their moms. after they won the Oscar (for Good Will Hunting) in 1997

7. In 1922, scientists entered a room of dying children unconscious from diabetic ketoacidosis. They injected them with a new drug called insulin as their families were already starting to mourn.

8. In Melbourne, Australia, in the 1940s, a father shows off his skills to the surprise of his young daughter.

9. Princess Fateh Khanum was the Princess of Persia. She was the daughter of the king of Persia from 1848 to 1896, Nasir Al-Din Shah Qajar. During the early 1900s, she was considered the epitome of beauty in Persia.

10. Not giving the Nazi salute in 1936

11. The Spanish flu in 1918. A picture of a family

12. Sometimes, a little help is all you need, 1945

13. A child who was upset after going to the dentist in the 1920s

14. Rules for safety in the 1960s

15. In 1971, a bolt of lightning hit an aeroplane, and 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke was sucked out of it. She fell two miles, was strapped to her seat, and lived after ten days in the Amazon jungle.

16. In 1983, David Bowie played in front of a huge crowd.

17. A picture of young  Obama with his mother on Halloween (1964)

18. In the mid-1950s, shoemakers in Italy, especially in Rome, sold "defence shoes" with spikes on the toes and heels to kick away pests.

19. A person watching the annual Sydney Mardi Gras parade in 1994 and being startled by it

20. Advice for Young Women About Marriage from a Suffragette, 1918. The pamphlet is on display at the Wales museum in Pontypridd. No One Knows Who the Suffragette Is

21. The saddest People always try their best to make others happy. they know what it's like to feel completely useless, and they don't want anyone else to feel that way." Robin Williams was well-known for his acting.

22. This is the last picture ever taken of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog who will always be remembered for his loyalty to his owner.

23. Rowan Atkinson and his 1981 Aston Martin Vantage

24. John Travolta and Princess Diana dancing at a White House dinner in 1985

25. During World War, a member of the Harlem Hellfighters clicked a photo with a puppy.

26. She was 11 years old when World War I began, 36 when World War II began, 74 when Star Wars came out, and 116 when Covid-19 started. And her name is Kane Tanaka. At 118 years old, she is the most senior person alive in the world.

27. A little boy is about to get a dog for his birthday (1955)

28. Can we say these two people have been married for 74 years? I can't imagine being with someone for that long and then having to say goodbye. She must be utterly heartbroken.

29. In 1985,  This mom and son were on their way to a Pride Walk.

30 . During the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, a US soldier shakes hands with a dog in Luxembourg.

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