20 pictures of kids sleeping that will make your day more fun

Our kids are funny right from the start. They can make us laugh with silly things they do, "clumsy" accidents they have, or gifts that aren't meant to be funny. You can't help but laugh out loud when your kids fall asleep. Even though they didn't mean it to be funny, it is. The way they sleep doesn't help them find anything, but their family keeps laughing at them.

The list below has 20 photos of kids sleeping, making you want to say, "haha." These little friends are cute, even when they have trouble falling asleep. They try not to sleep, but in the end, they do. And because of that, they sleep anywhere they want, like on the toilet seat. Their parents pull out a camera and take pictures of these funny things. We owe these brave parents a lot for giving us photos that didn't make us nervous. Let's look at them.

1. Sleep on the seat of the toilet. Does your kid relate?

2. "I'm so excited to take a picture right here!"

3. The toy rack is an excellent place to sleep for a while.

4. Not afraid to fall on the ground...

5. What do you call this way of sleeping?

6. Stop halfway through the trip.

7. This must terrify his parents to death.

8. This is my favorite shell and place to sleep

9. stand there and sleep

10. "I just act like I'm going to close my eyes..."

11. Pumpkin and a boy sleeping

12. "Mom, I'm still paying attention to what you're saying."

13. Food fails

14. Get some rest

15. Ice cream vs. doze

16. When your stomach is complete, you should close your eyes and rest them.

17. When your child goes grocery shopping

18. "Mom, the math work makes me fall asleep."

19. You also have to look good while you sleep.

20. I got up so early today.

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