10 Pictures That Prove We Still Have A Good Day

We all used to think, "Why me?" whenever something terrible happened. We also compare our tragedies with those of our friends or families. We also hope everything works out because other people around us aren't doing well, even though we don't feel bad or hopeless ourselves. That is the truth, even if it sounds terrible.

Here are ten pictures that will make you realize that your situation isn't so bad after all and that you're having a better day than others.

1. Count your blessings

It would be best if you considered your luck the essential thing. If you want your life to be balanced, you should be happy with what you have. Always be thankful that it isn't worse than it is.

2. Bad planning

You may blame your life a lot when something terrible happens. All of the bad things that have happened to us are because of a crazy situation and very bad planning. You need to understand that life isn't bad, but how things are going is.

3. miscounts

Math scares us all as a whole. But there are some things people need to correct when figuring out numbers that are more clever than bad.

4. Pain behind laughter

Some people are so funny and exciting that their whole life becomes a joke for other people to laugh at. People who laugh a lot are usually going through a lot of pain inside.

5. Heart all in pieces

Some people have broken their hearts into a thousand pieces but still have to choose how to live their lives. They hope that things will get better at some point soon.

6. Wrong spot to be in

You might also need to end up in the wrong place now and then, just like this stag did. But doing that will ruin your life, and it will also kill you.

7. Waiting for God

We, as a whole, sometimes hope that God will help us get out of our troubles. We also hope everything will be over one day like a bad dream.

8. Could it be more terrible?

Just think about this man whenever you feel sad or down because something went wrong, and you don't have a second to waste.

9. Dieting day 

The hardest part of any diet plan is always the very first day. On this day, you see all the healthy foods you'd like to eat but can't.

10. Life is confounding

Because we have so many things to do, our lives are often too confusing and, in the long run, chaotic.

Remember that your problems are not the worst things in the world. You can make your day as good as you want it to be. You have a better day than others because you can't reach the bad things in life.

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