People try to take a picture of their Husky for a Christmas card, but the result is just too funny.

We've all had times when, no matter how hard we try, we can't get into the Christmas spirit. This seems to be the case for Anuko, the famously grumpy Siberian husky, based on the photos from his holiday photo shoot.

Anuko, on the other hand, isn't always what she seems. "He looks like that because he is wearing a dark black mask. His owner, Jasmine, told Bored Panda that it runs in his family. His hard look isn't because he's a naturally grumpy person. He's quite the opposite. He is a very calm and friendly dog who is excited about life's fun things. "Most of the time, he's pretty calm and quiet. He's not too bossy, so he doesn't like cuddles that much, but he will follow you out of the room. Jasmine told us, "He's like my little shadow, and he steps in when he thinks it's necessary. This has helped me a lot with my mental health."

Jasmine found Anuko when she was only five weeks old. At the time, she was having trouble with her mental health and had heard that getting a dog helped other people in the same situation. The two got along right away, and Anuko has helped her recover and feel better in a big way. "When I got him, I was suicidal and depressed. I didn't have friends or a job, so I quit school. "I spent my whole life in bed," she said. "I'm glad he came into my life because I might still be in bed or even worse if he hadn't. He told me to go outside, and spending so much time with him did me a lot of good.

Anuko may not like Christmas at all, but he doesn't mind it so much. We saw Anuko get angry a few years ago when he discovered that Jasmine had tricked him into thinking she had thrown him a ball. The pictures went viral, which completely changed Jasmine's life. She now runs several social media accounts and websites about Anuko and huskies in general. She told Bored Panda, "I run a website called Snowdog Guru, where I help other Snowdog owners." "They are a rare breed with a lot of responsibilities. But as my website grew, I decided I wanted to attend vet school. This year, I'm applying to vet schools. None of that would have happened if he hadn't come into my life."

So, it seems that Anuko and Jasmine couldn't be happier with each other, no matter how grumpy Anuko appears on the outside. This story shows how strong the bond between humans and animals can be. Scroll down to see Anuko's hilariously miserable photoshoot!

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