20 photographs of giant versions of everyday items

Things that are scaled down are so cute to look at. But you know what would be even more enjoyable? Stuff in their most basic form. Items that are ten to twenty times bigger than most things. Now, you might be giving me an odd look. Why did they decide to make these things in the first place? So, sure, why not? It's exciting to see how things look when they're bigger.

Check out these 20 unit-sized versions of everyday things that will make your day. We put them all together so you could see how big they are. If you like this article, don't forget to share it on social media and keep coming back to our website for more like this.

1. A giant car

2. Huge dog

3. BADminton

4. Twins?

5. Big fish

6. That’s a huge one

7. huge iPhone

8. Comically large chain

9. Bonnie and Clyde

10. That’s a huge crab

11. Wow

12. Wish I could have this pizza

13. Giant truck

14. Big hat

15. Delete this

16. Must be a huge supermarket

17. Giant amethyst formation

18. A beast

19. Big boy

20. Cabbage with sausage and onion

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