A retired cabinetmaker is going viral because he makes broken and strange furniture that looks like it belongs in Disney movies

It's hard to learn how to work with wood. It takes a lot of practice, knowledge, patience, and the right tools. Once you know the basics, you'll be able to make the strangest things you can think of come to life. You will love the work of a woodworker named Henk Verhoeff, who is sure to give you ideas. This is true whether you look at intricately made wood items or want to learn the craft yourself.

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Recently, a New Zealand woodworker became famous for the unique dressers he makes.

Henk, a great woodworker from Auckland, New Zealand, recently went viral after his daughter shared his work in a Facebook group for woodworkers.

People were shocked to the core. Henk seems to have mastered a unique way of making furniture.

Even though the dressers he makes look like they can't be fixed, they work just fine.

After he got a lot of attention, his daughter, Linda, decided to make a Facebook page to show off the beautiful furniture he made.

When asked Henk about his style, he said, "My furniture is broken and weird." I like making weird furniture you don’t see in a shop.”

People might think he gets ideas from fairy tales, but Henk says everything he makes comes from his "twisted brain."

From how they look, you can tell these dressers aren't easy to make. But Henk is an expert at what he does.

"It's hard to say how long it takes me to finish each piece. There are no set hours during the week, anywhere from 80 to 100.

Sometimes details or angles don't work, and I have to start over. I mostly use recycled New Zealand pine, but I will also use Rimu if I can get my hands on it."

Before retiring, Henk was a joiner/cabinet maker. "I've been making things out of wood for 53 years. "Now it's just a hobby and something I love to do," he says.

Despite many people taking an interest in buying these magical-looking dressers, Henk says they are not for sale.

"I started making them because I loved doing them, not because I thought I could sell them. But  I'll sell some things on eBay when I have no more room. "Except for my wife, everything is for sale," he joked.

The dressers are currently used to decorate Henk's home.

Linda and her father didn't expect so much attention, but it's clear that his furniture deserves all the praise.

“I was blown away at how this has gone viral, just a post my daughter put up on a page to share. I never thought anything  would happen like this."

Let's hope that Henk keeps making intricate pieces that surprise us.

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