Photographs of a man who used filters in his photos have gone viral.

Things have been a bit rough in recent years. Massive fires, riots against racial discrimination, the end of culture, the start of World War III soon, and the current epidemic. But these are only a few strange things that have happened in the past few years. So, many people have changed the way they live to a virtual way of life. And people work and talk to their friends and family through the internet. So, this man took pictures with filters all over the internet.

It's more complicated than dating because people don't get to hang out, meet new people, or at least see a few people they already know. Some people have gotten good at online dating and making friends because they have always been part of the online culture. Some of us find it strange and hard to understand. This is a story about a man who asked someone for help with online dating. He was a good listener, but a great one, and he took what was said literally.

More Info & Images Credit - Facebook

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