People just wanted to rent an apartment, but they got a lot of weird and unpleasant surprises instead (16 Pics)

If you've ever tried to find an apartment to rent, you know how hard it is. Even if you realize right away that the perfect home with a caring and understanding landlord will probably not exist, moving can still bring some unpleasant surprises. If it's something small, you're lucky. But all of a sudden, the apartment ceiling falls in, or a hidden camera is found? Still, that's not all!

This is called a "personal terrace" in a $1,000-a-month apartment description.

A rat chewed through my friend's refrigerator.

The ceiling in our room looks like this. Since August, the landlord hasn't done anything.

Our homeowner just "caged" the thermostat.

A real mushroom grows in the bathroom of an apartment for rent.

The apartment owner wouldn't fix a hole in the ceiling for months.

Surprise from the previous tenants that it was "delicious."

During the renovation of our apartment, someone painted on the wall with dental floss!

A friend sent me a picture of the first apartment he rented. Is it the kitchen or the bathroom?

There was a dead rodent under our porch, and it started to smell terrible. The owner fixed the problem.

People lived with their brother, who hadn't paid their rent for six months.

My landlord said the renovation was "perfect."

The apartment's owner told me that everything was taken out right before I moved in. I believe he lied.

I moved into my new place. Now I know why the curtains were drawn during the show.

My landlord left a camera that also records sound in the apartment. I didn't hear about it from him.

I told the landlord about a small leak two days ago. Today, things have gotten worse.


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