confusing pictures that show you shouldn't always believe your own eyes (17 Pics)

When you think about how many things we see every day, it's not surprising that we don't have time to look at everything in detail. And all of these glances are dangerous because our eyes often lie to us. We look at something and suddenly see a mutant cat, balconies that float in the air, and a car that looks like it came out of a cartoon. What is going on? Let's figure it out!

Good grief, where are the legs?

House with balconies on the roof

Only my friends and I were by the river.

Two bodies are better than one.

Our dinner started without warning.

My friend is giving me antelope food.

Yes, it's a mutant cat!

3D marks on the pavement

Photos of our university's balconies

Oh, those sneaky glass counters!

Children get older very quickly.

Sky with so many stars? No, we need to clean the windshield.

I first thought it was a long-haired man swimming in the ocean.

Finding the world's biggest dog

Why put a window in the cubicle wall?

There are cars from the movie "Cars"!

It looks like someone is stretching right in the parking lot because of a thoughtful reflection.


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