Hulk is the biggest Pitbull that has ever lived, and he's so cute!

And it makes me feel bad to say it, but I sued to be one of those people. Even though I'm a little afraid of all dogs, I had an unfair bias against Pitbulls and usually ran away whenever I saw one. I just assumed they would be mean, and I don't think that's too far from the truth. Even though any dog could become aggressive in this situation, it is usually not the dog's fault.

It would be the owner's fault if they didn't train their dog well or put pressure on them when they weren't ready. This depends on how well we've introduced our dog, and Pitbulls are the same. I'm not going to lie, Pitbulls tend to look very strong, which can make some people afraid, but they're incredibly sweet dogs.

And if you thought pit bulls were scary, you haven't seen Hulk yet. As his name shows, he is one of a kind. Not wanting to bore you with more details? Just scroll down to see Hulk for yourself.

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Meet Hulk, the world's biggest Pitbull.

When I say "big," I mean "big."

He can look scary, but it's clear that he's great with kids.

When did you look at pictures of him as a puppy? Who would have thought he would grow up to be so big?

He is big enough to ride, which is a big deal in and of itself.

He weighs 180 pounds, which is a lot.

As you can see, a growing boy also needs a lot of food.

He seems to love taking trips with his family.

And he loves the snow, too.

He is a nice dog, and we shouldn't judge him by his looks.

He even has an Instagram account for his antics, which has more than a million followers, which isn't surprising when you see this cute boy. People have a lot of false ideas about Pitbulls, but he is destroying them all by himself, which is amazing. He even has his merchandise, which is surprising because it looks cool. This means that this dog is more well-known than any of us.

Even though he is very big, he still loves to cuddle.

And his family has done a good job of teaching him.

He also has a trainer who knows how to work with him.

The name "Hulk" makes a lot of sense when you look at him.

He does look pretty cute, though.

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