When dad recreates his daughter's selfies, he gets more followers than she does.

Some teens are so excited about the growth of social media that they post at least one picture of themselves online daily. Because of this, selfies, and especially selfies, are a standard part of our online lives. But have you ever thought about what you would do if you found out your teenage daughter posted sexy selfies online? You will probably tell her to delete the posts and then take away her phone as a punishment for what she did.

Different parents might react in different ways to how their kid's activities. This is because every parent has their way of raising children. Even Chris Burr Martin, a 48-year-old dad from Washington, came up with a creative way to stop his daughter from posting selfies on Instagram. He posted funny selfies that made fun of her selfies to get her daughter to stop acting out.

It is up to us to deal with it decently. We owe it to our kids to always treat them with respect and dignity and love and support them no matter what. Let them make their own decisions, but be there for them if they need advice or help.

Chris taught his daughter an important lesson about life by copying her selfies. He also got 99,1K Instagram followers, which is a lot more than his daughter Cassie, so he could make fun of her. He is definitely worth your time. Here are some of Chris's funniest and most embarrassing moments for you to watch.

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