20 Scenes that seem impossible but happened but also are exciting and funny

Things that seem impossible can sometimes happen in real life. Here are 20 funny and impossible things that happened at the same time. Everyone knows that things can happen when you least expect them to. Some of these things are hard to imagine.

Scroll down to see some fantastic examples. Feel free to check out more of the photographers' work as well.

1. Three different girls in a row, all wearing the same colour sweater and hair colour.

2. Look at how the newspapers at my job are stacked.

3. One of the rarest things that could happen.

4. By Chance, the Restaurant Sign Was Saved

5. I saw this when I went outside to check on my rental car, which was on the left.

6. This cliff came from which cliff?

7. They knew nothing about each other.

8. Look at how good this car is!

9. Woah! The Matrix has a glitch.

10. They went their ways after that.

11. My daughter's fish bowl fell off her dresser after our cat accidentally knocked it off.

12. This could be called "The Bald Bus."

13. My daughter hurt her chin, and she got this fortune cookie at dinner.

14. How could these three ugly cars with the same make, model, and colour be parked in front of a building with the same colour?

15. This is how a pigeon showed up in a pigeon's droppings on a leaf.

16. Nothing Makes Sense!

17. Immediately after a big storm.

18. When a pizza cutter's serial number is also pizza!

19. They do watch the same show.

20. This is what I bought at 7-Eleven for $7.11 at 7:11 a.m.


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