20+ Photographs that show that summer doesn't spare everyone

Summer is at its peak, and the hot sun makes it clear who's in charge. The heat is melting signs, lights, roads, and even fences. What should they do? Put their pictures on the Internet, of course! So, they can show how bad the damage is and talk about the best ways to calm down.

Fabdreem wants to show you 20+ photos that are so hot they will make you feel like the summer is on fire.

1. The first thing to give up was the traffic light.

2. His tan line is very bright.

3."A way to control temperature!"

4. When it's too hot to hug, but you still want to touch someone

5. "An ice-cold can on a warm belly is how we beat the heat in Australia."

6. "Done. The heat won't go away."

7. On a hot summer day, walking past a small pool is hard.

8. "These birds lined up in a very narrow shade to stay cool in 104°F heat."

9. "My cat spends all day sitting in front of the fan to cool off."

10. "I just had a brilliant idea for getting home in this 100°F heat."

11. "Last winter, my neighbors put up this fake stone wall. It's melting slowly because of the heat."

12. A proven way to get more attention

13. What else can you do when the temperature is 120°F?

14. "I shouldn't have left a can with a lot of pressure in a hot car..."

15. Officials in Lublin, Poland, but this cooling device in place.

16. When the room temperature is almost +120°F, and there is no air conditioning

17. A clear sign that summer is coming

18. "This is the window of my friend in Las Vegas. I guess it gets hot here."

19. That's a great speedometer.

20. When it's so hot that even the road signs melt

21. A picture with more than 1,000 words

22. There are some perks to working in a grocery store.

23. The day before you go to the beach

24. Love is all around us.

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