This online community posts photos of 'absolute units,' and here are some of the most fascinating.

Big things can be scary, but they can also be cute and even hilarious. You'll understand what I'm talking about if you've ever seen the 'Absolute Units' meme. The meme is primarily about huge items, animals, and people.

There is also a Reddit community dedicated only to collecting photographs of "Absolute Units." The page "Lads you're in awe at the size of" has approximately 1.1M followers who regularly enjoy looking at various types of tremendous things. In the gallery below, you can see some of their best posts.

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#1 Over the holidays, I was able to spend time with my parents' dog.

#2 Vietnamese Street Vendor

#3 "There Are Good Artists Everywhere, Even If Many Are Ignored (Especially In The Third World)." Ghanaian Kumi Samuel

#4 Meet Bonner, the most amazing therapy dog at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

#5 Unit Of A Bee

#6 Unit Of A Horse!

#7 Ukrainian Antonov An-225 Mriya – Worlds Largest Aircraft

#8 This Is The Absolute Unit Of Shiva Statue In India

#9 Guinea Pig

#10 We met Poncho through The Longest Longhorn To Ever Longhorn

#11 Myself in the Kindergarten Reading Room

#12 The Chief of Police

#13 A Quartz Crystal Cluster on Display in a Namibian Museum

#14 This Eagle was spotted in Alberta, Canada.

#15 Units Of Antlers On These Red Stags

#16 One of the oldest bonsai trees in the world — over a thousand years old

#17 Peter Freuchen, A Danish Explorer

#18 Absolute Unit Of A Toad

#19 This Bunny Has An Ear That Is An Absolute Unit!

#20 Why Does It Look Like That

#21 Komodo Dragon

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