Husband compiles gallary of all the fun road trips he took with his wife. what a beautiful photo collection.(20 pics)

Road trips with travel companions have numerous advantages. For example, you can enslave them to help with the route or open water jugs. However, when Redditor MrMagoo21 travels with his better half, he has none of it. To demonstrate his significant other's proud approach to travel, he has assembled an amusing exhibition of all of their travel experiences.

"I've always attributed it to more of a Pavlov's dog's situation," he said of her restlessness. "She used to get car sick a lot as a kid, and her mom would give her motion sickness medicine, which would usually knock her out on long trips." I figured she'd been subliminally trained to fall asleep at the sound of an engine running at this point."

We liked the striking image of a driver who was alone. Still, we can't stress enough how much we'd like to see the sleeping beauty using her rests safely tied and "posing" for photos in a stopped car. Street safety is more important than fun selfies.


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