Take a look at these cats. The Identical Alter Ego of the Owners (17 Pics)

We will indeed spend the rest of our lives – literally – with the pet we chose for ourselves. As a result, it's not surprising if they start acting and appearing like your alter ego. After all, the proverb "descended for generations" isn't entirely false. The pet adopts its owner's personality.

If you don't believe us, we guarantee that your jaw will be on the floor by the end of this piece, and your eyes will be the size of golf balls.

"Do you look anything like your cat?"

Gerrard Gethings, a London-based photographer, created it. Gerrard has a particular and entertaining way of capturing the attention of his audience. And, no doubt, you've deduced what it is from the project's title.

He takes photographs of people and their pets. However, both pictures show so many obvious parallels between the cat and his master that one would ordinarily overlook them. When you compare the two photographs, you can only imagine the viewers' expressions because of how he takes the portraits; the poses are significantly accentuated and flawlessly emboss these parallels between the two.

You're probably wondering why he likes cats and those who own cats. It's not the first time he's taken pictures of animals with their owners. Gerrard Gethings got the idea for "Do You Look Like Your Cat" from the "Do You Look Like Your Dog" campaign.

He needed something fresh, something more engaging and stimulating than the previous initiative, which centered on dogs and their owners, and this was it. He concluded that cats were the next best option, and you and I can both see why.

Photographing a cat is much more complex and time-consuming than photographing a dog. While humans may easily guide dogs to do particular positions, cats will not. On the other hand, our fantastic photographer captured some of the most unusual shots of these kitties.

Gerrard's Instagram and Twitter accounts and his website gerrardgathings.com may be used to learn more about each of these initiatives.

What's funny is that Gerrard was inspired by the outpouring of love and praise for the effort to turn it into a game, which, predictably, is also named "Do You Look Like Your Cat?" It's a lighthearted card game in which you must guess and match photos of cats and their owners from a deck of 50 cards. We've produced a collection of 17 of the series' most stunning portraits below. You can view them if you scroll down.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram (Gethings) / Gerrardgethings.com / Twitter / Instagram (Laurence King Publishing)


















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