Brother Makes Sister's Prom Dress because Her Parents Can't Afford To Rent Her One.

Even if you and your siblings occasionally quarrel over trivial matters, you know deep down in your heart that they will always have your back no matter what troubles or hardships you face. When Maverick Francisco Oyo, a Filipino man, learned that his parents couldn't afford to rent a prom dress for his sister Lu Asey, he decided to make her one himself. Maverick ended up making a dress fit for a Disney princess, and his sister's expression says it all.

You can see the dream dress and Mave's creative process in the gallery below!

All images credit go to Facebook/Melvinmaverick.oyao

This Filipino man made a stunning prom gown for his sister.

This was the first design for the dress.

Because their parents couldn't afford to rent a prom gown, Maverick did what any good brother would do: make one himself.

He even hand-painted the bodice.

With the assistance of others, the man gathered the necessary materials.

Take a look at all of the effort into making the dress!

This is how the dress looked before it was finished.

And here's the final result!

So Mave took it upon himself to make her happy, constructing the solution with his own hands. He even painted a portion of the dress to create a one-of-a-kind and fashionable piece of clothing! The prom was on Valentine's Day, so the dress was a fitting expression of brotherly love for the occasion.

Mave's sister adored the gown and gladly posed for photographs in it.

Maverick may appear to be a designer based on the finished product, but he is a student studying culture and arts education. It took the man about a week to complete Lu's magnificent gown.

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