The Irish Artist and the Crafts She Made From Avocado Pits Look Like Celtic Folklore-Inspired Wood Crafts (20+ Pics)


When you consume avocados, what do you do with the pits? Of course, like ordinary people, most of us throw them away. But it was too much of a waste for Jan Campbell. By slicing avocado pits, the Irish artist has discovered a means to accomplish fantastic sculpting. You can find chances anyplace if you have the right eye, right?

She refers to them as stones,' most likely because she carves them in the manner of stone carvings, even though the color and texture of these avocado seed sculptures are more akin to wood crafts than stones.

She had this notion while preparing an avocado for lunch one day. Jan didn't know what to do with it at first, but she knew she could find a use for it if she thought about it. For weeks, she pondered its potential until an intensely pigmented surface scratch spurred her to slice away its layers. After some effort, a lovely work of art appeared on her palm.

Jan's avocado art is mainly inspired by the appearances of Celtic folklore's old goddesses and forest spirits. Her miniature sculptures, which resemble forest guardian totems, can be presented as statues or worn as pendants. They are intended to offer the holder a particular sensation of connection and comfort.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram/avocadostonefaces/


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