Makeup Artist Creates Optical Illusion Art On Her Face (20+ Pics)


Make-up is a type of art that comes in various forms and styles. The distinction between make-up and painting is that it is applied to a person rather than a canvas. People frequently use make-up to enhance and improve their appearance, which is the primary application of make-up. But that is art in and of itself, and it can also be used to make current art.

It may be difficult to produce art on a face because a face does not have a flat surface like traditional art canvases. But it didn't deter this incredible artist. Meet RJ, a fantastic artist who handles RJ on social media. She is well-known for the beautiful make-up she applies to her face.

These works of art are significantly more optical illusions and abstract art than simple color play. She skillfully produces the art by utilizing the structure of the face. Anyone who looks at her work for the first time will undoubtedly be perplexed by the deception. And it is because of these factors she has been able to build a large audience for herself on social media in a relatively short period.

Many people follow her on social media to see her incredible work and watch her tutorials. This make-up artist demonstrates that art does not have to be confined to a single sector; instead, art is used to express emotion, ideas, and artistry. RJ has proven herself to be an incredibly skilled and creative artist. As a result, we decided to compile some of her artwork for you to peruse.

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More Info & All The images credit go to - Instagram

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