Fascinating Photos Of Unusual Things (16 Pics)


We spend so much time in our little cubicles and corners of the world that it's easy to forget how much wonder and beautiful scenery there is. Take a look at these interesting photos of things and places that you might not have seen in person.

There are vegetables grown in space that ISS astronauts get to try for the first time. They grew peppers off the ground and used them to make "space tacos." This is what they did.

When it was made in 1639, it was one of the oldest dollhouses.

This is the largest Amethyst Geode in the world. It's called The Empress of Uruguay because it is from Uruguay. As tall as 3.27 meters, and as heavy as 2.5 tons, this is a creature that no one has ever seen before.

Sun shines on this house in Italy. The mechanism lets you change the landscape and feed the solar panels at the same time.

A beautician paints a seam on a woman's leg to make it look like she's wearing stockings during World War II shortages, UK, May 23, 1940

This is a real picture of the sun taken by NASA. It looks like a pumpkin for Halloween.

One of the most important things archaeologists have found is Shigir Idol, a wooden sculpture that dates back to 10,500 BC. It is the world's first wooden sculpture.

Her age at the start of World War I was 11. His birthday was 1903. He is now 118 years old.

Persian warrior gloves, most likely from the Safavid dynasty in the 16th century

This is a group of uranium glassware that is lit up by black lights.

The colors of autumn and the snow on Mount Rainier make it look like it's still winter.

Robert Wadlow is standing next to his father.

dice made of ivory were used by the Romans in the past.

The sword was found by a hobbyist diver in the ocean.

It's very rare for people from the Buton tribe in Indonesia to have blue eyes because of their genes.

Two-story container house in Peru that looks great

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