Celeste Barber funnily recreates the celebrity's poses.


Doesn't seeing celebrities do different poses and post them on Instagram make you want to do the same thing? Do you think this is true? Most of us don't dare to try it. When it comes to Celeste Barber, that's not the case. Her Instagram posts are all about re-creating the photos of famous people from all over the world, and they are all on there. 

Rather than just looking at the celebrities' poses, she rolls up her sleeves and says, "I can do that, too." As hard as she tries, the results are always hilarious and more fun than the originals, even though she tries to get as close as possible. You're sure to laugh when you see her try to make fun of the celebrity photos.  She looks the same.

More Info & All the Images Credit - Celeste Barber

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