Rescued English Pointer Dog Nora's Adorable Friendship With Baby Archie


Nora is an adorable 08 years old English pointer dog. She had a sad beginning in life. Nora was abused by her previous owners and rescued from a shelter by Elizabeth Spence. At that time, she was only 01 years old. When she came into the home, she was afraid to deal with people. Nora had lost faith in humanity. She was fearful of the world and everyone, everything on it. Spence's family worked hard to help her recover. 

After more hard work, Nora learned to trust and love. But soon as Elizabeth Spence gave birth to her son. He is Archie. After Archie was born, Nora started to share an incredible bond with him. They pretty much do everything together, and they love to spend time with each other. 

The two were inseparable, sharing each day's activities from playtime to naptime. Their napping photos became quickly Viral. The Internet started loved to see them together. They both wouldn't just leave each other. 

Nora will always be there for Archie. Nothing can separate these best friends. Their friendship is the most adorable thing you'll ever see. 

More Info & Images Credit : instagram

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