People Are In Love With This Dalmatian Because He Has A Heart On His Nose.


Most criminals don't flaunt their loot or proudly wear a tattoo of the items they've taken. However, one burglar boldly flaunts what he regularly steals from people: hearts. Wiley is a Dalmatian with a heart-shaped spot in the middle of his sweet face.

Wiley has had a visible heart-shaped mark on his face since he was a baby. Lexi Smith, his human mother, was concerned that the heart-shaped area might fade as he grew older, but to everyone's amazement, the heart appears to become more recognized as he gets older.

Wiley's heart, not only the one on his nose but also the one that makes him such a happy and loving puppy, is noticed by everyone who sees him. Wiley's timidity is absent from his language, as seen by his over 200,000 Instagram followers.

If you love to see more photos of Wiley visit his Instagram 

(images source): Instagram/Hi.wiley

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