16 Images That Prove Olympic Athletes Are Out Of This World

The Olympic Games are an example of human capacity's limits. Every four years, Olympic competitors push themselves to their limits in the most challenging events, enthralling viewers all around the world with their superhuman efforts and incredible skill in every sport they compete in, We've produced a short sample of the ability and awe generated by these athletes' physical attributes for you today. Look into it.

"I take it with me after practicing on the track."

Maarten Van Der Weijden, a Dutch Olympic swimmer, after swimming 163 kilometers (101 miles) in 55 hours to collect money for charity.

Legs of George Hincapie after the Tour de France

Karolyis Olympic Training Site hosts an elite acrobatic gymnastics training camp.

"It's treatment day on Wednesday!" After a couple of weight sessions, my triceps required some attention."

Alexander Volkov (volleyball) and Seda Tutkhalyan (judo) are both Olympic athletes (gymnast). Russia has a strong team.

This is a proper ice bath. ice block weighing 13 kilograms

An x-ray of a gymnast doing a routine.

We were on the verge of veering off the path.

Olympic swimming champion Van Der Weijden's hands after swimming 163 kilometers

After cupping therapy, Michael Phelps

Basketball players and gymnasts are different sizes.

Usain Bolt doing what he does best.

Olivia Federici, a synchronized swimmer from the United Kingdom, stretches.

Just a reminder of what ski jumpers see on a regular basis. In Sochi, Russia, a view from the top of the Olympic ski jump.

"I guess my legs are a little weary after sixteen stages of the Tour de France."

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