He Travels the World Without Forgetting To Tell His Mother, " MOM I'M FINE." (40 pics)


Jonathan Kubben Quionez's mother was understandably concerned when he quit his job as a business consultant in Brussels, sold his car, and bought a one-way trip to Cuba in March 2016. More than a year later, the youngster has developed his brand of concern and is still traveling the world with a simple message for his mother: "Mom, I'm fine."

Quinonez, who regularly challenges death to make the event more dramatic, holds up the flag that is even more essential than the beautiful views in each viral photo. What began as a clever technique to reassure her mum turned into a search for her own passion. He was able to break out from a life that was limiting his happiness through travel, and he now wants to inspire others to do the same. "Everyone wants to travel; all you have to do is take the risk." I'm attempting to demonstrate that the world is a lovely place..."

Quinonez now has over 620 thousand Instagram followers. His mother even came to accompany him on a trip to Indonesia last May

More info & all the images credit-  instagram/jonathankubben

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