A Comedian Trolling His Neighborhood With Funny Flyers, Posters, Lost Pet Signs, and Hilarious Fake Ads

Alan Wagner is a Comedian and video editor. He has developed many posters that, have been posted throughout the city. Alan previously became famous for one of the posters, which featured an unsettling offer for males to "bathe in my milk" from an elderly woman.

Check out his other works by scrolling down. He explained to the New York Post that the prank was a success, with a million hits on the website in just a few days. He also mentioned that he had an idea for a beverage firm while working as a director and video editor. But it was rejected because it was too wacky. But Alan believed in it enough to build it anyhow, and he was completely correct. Now he's trolling his neighborhood with humorous false advertising, lost pet signs, and help wanted banners. I hope you like and share this fantastic collection.

More Info & Images and all the credits go to: Instagram/truewagner

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