This Elderly German Couple Turns the World Their Runway ( 30 pics)


We often think fashion is always attached to youth. But Günther Krabbenhöft and Britt Kanja are here to prove wrong. Despite their old age, they are leading an active life with a good sense of fashion. 

Not only that, even a young couple will not be able to beat them on the dance floor. With their elegant outfits and matching accessories, this 75-year-old couple is like a live fashion show. 

Britt and Günther were gifted with great fashion sense and mastered the art of matching their outfits which will never be outdated with time. This is not the first time that Günther has been recognized for his outstanding style and went viral five years ago, which gave him the nickname of Hipster Grandpa. And according to him, it took many years to find out his passion for dancing, but ever since, he has not stopped it. So dancing may be the reason behind his aging like fine wine.

And you will be surprised to know that he wasn’t a fashion designer or stylist. Instead, he was a chef when he was young. According to him, he never wanted to go against his parents and ended up becoming a chef. But like a rubber ball coming up when it is pressed into the water, nothing could avoid his great sense of fashion and love towards dancing. And from his younger days, he was ready to accept the change and ready to go with the ever-changing fashion world. Even in his silver age also he is perfectly enjoying the ups and downs of life with an optimistic mind which is a good example for the younger generation who get easily frustrated and disappointed with life. And he says that anyone can win the world when you are ready to accept your weaknesses as your strengths. 

Check out Günther’s way of enjoying life with fashion. 

More info & Photo credit : / gunther's facebook & Instagram / Britt's facebook & Instagram

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