This Cool Guy Proves That Skirts and Heels are Not Only for Ladies and Here’s why( 30 pics)


There are some limitations when we are wearing clothes. Mainly gender-wise differences are there for clothes. Like frocks and skirts are for women though trousers are worn by everyone. No one knows who put those limitations and why but society keeps going on with them. But there are some people who do not want to live according to society and enjoy doing what they want. We can identify them as open-minded people who do not want to live according to any stereotype. So, there are so many people who like to think out of the box like this man.

Mark Bryan is an American who lives in Germany and is a Robotic Engineer. He has a normal life except for his choice of clothing. He has chosen a different method to challenge gender stereotypes by wearing skirts and heels almost everywhere he goes. He wears skirts even at home also. And we cannot deny the fact that he is rocking those skirts and heels.

He expressed his true feelings about wearing skirts through a recent interview and stated what inspired him to wear skirts. According to him, he always liked the power he could feel by wearing skirts and heels, and he always loved the look that he gained through wearing skirts. And he strongly believes that clothes should not have gender differences. He loves the fact that, unlike trousers, skirts come in different colors and patterns. He is also a happily married person, and his wife is there to help in choosing best fitting skirts for him.

By wearing skirts, he also gives a strong message to society that if you truly enjoy doing something with no harm to anyone, just do it and do not listen to what society says. So we thought of sharing his inspirational story with you with some absolutely gorgeous photos of him 

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