A photographer captured a small bird bathing in a flower petal.

Rahul Singh is a wildlife photographer who got a great shot this time.

Many wild animals have been in his pictures, like elephants, rabbits, jackals, monkeys, and rhinos. He took a picture of a small bird bathing in a flower leaf this time.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram.com/rahulsinghclicks/

He couldn't say anything after this.

"I went to a place with these decorative banana bushes so I could take pictures of sunbirds drinking nectar from them."

"Everything was fine until the red sunbird started bathing in the water stored in the banana flower petal." I was shocked."

This is a banana flower, and one of its petals has become a tiny bathtub by catching dew in the morning.

The little bird chose to use the flower petal tub after seeing it. It must have been nice to swim in the flower tub. It had already drunk enough juice, after all.

Rahul knew it was a chance he would never get again. He had never had something like that happen to him before. We also hadn't!

"I was so shocked to see this strange behavior that I kept the shutter button on my camera pressed while the bird took a bath."

After that, Rahul posted the pictures on Instagram. Rahul said, "This is something I will never do again." "It's crazy how nature can catch us off guard."

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