"My Room": a French photographer showed how the bedrooms of young people from different parts of the world differ

John Tekvray is a French artist with South African roots. His project "My Room" lets you see into the rooms of different people from faraway (or very close) places around the world. The project began with taking pictures in the rooms of friends and acquaintances in Paris. Over the next six years, it grew to include people from 55 countries and over a thousand individuals. Everyone who worked on the project was born between 1980 and 1990. The pictures make it clear how different people of the same age who grew up in different cultures and with varying amounts of money are from each other.

More Info & Images Credit - myroomphotos

Ryoko, 25 years old, IT specialist, Japan, Tokyo

Joseph, 30 years old, artist, France, Paris

Oleg, 24 years old, telecommunications network engineer, Russia, Novosibirsk

Asha, 17 years old, housewife, India, Madgia Pradesh

Gülle, 29 years old, actress, Türkiye, Istanbul

Khetiwe, 22 years old, unemployed, South Africa, Durban

Elahe, 29 years old, artist, Iran, Tehran

Saleh, 30 years old, HR employee, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Yuan, 22 years old, salesman, China, Dali

Marcello, 18 years old, high school student, Bolivia, La Paz

Andrea, 24 years old, civil engineer, Romania, Bucharest

Pema, 22 years old, student, Nepal, Kathmandu

Malik, 28 years old, pop artist, USA, New York

Camilla, Jamaica, Kingston

Maya, 22 years old, architecture student, Germany, Berlin

Pha, Thailand, Ban Sai Ngam

Ronia, Zimbabwe, Chitungwiza

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